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About Us

RuBee Soul is a Midwest-based 2 person team. Married in life and partners in business, Bee and Rose had a dream to bring their unique brand of creating into fun and funky creations that could be enjoyed by all. With a fusion of materials from Polymer Clay, stones, upcycled beads, and cast Acrylic, RuBee Soul strives to create intentional pieces that are versatile, eye catching, and original. 

Bee (She/They/Them) is currently pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and Art Therapy and has a history of teaching Art with younger students in the community. Bee is from a Mizrahi/Ashki/Sephardi family and grew up in North Dakota and New Mexico, while spending time with family in Coney Island, New York. Bee has been creating art and jewelry for over 15 years and is constantly in search of learning new creative techniques. 

Rose (She/They/Them) went to the Art Institute of Tampa for Photography and has spent 6+ years creating art. Rose is from a large Puerto Rican family and spent their life in Brooklyn and Tampa, Florida. Rose has a passion for cooking and is a lover of animals, especially dogs. 

Afro-Rican person in a navy floral printed collar shirt with their hands on their hips in a silly turning around pose, poses with their partner, a white skinned and auburn long haired person with a different navy floral pattern shirt. They are both making silly faces at the camera in front of a bright colored graffiti wall with random drawings